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We believe that our works can contribute to a better world.

We Provide

A platform and a management style to support design development where all professional design disciplines are brought together to create innovative design ideas and solutions. These ideas are evaluated to ensure that the best product solution is developed to conform to budget, programme and market conditions.

Hatfield Wedge

takes on a "hands on approach" when managing project and design meetings with professionals and contractors to trouble shoot unforeseen hurdles with the aim to deliver a fit for purpose development on time and within budget constraints, during the construction process.

Current and Past Projects:

2017-2020 Spartan 819 Industrial Estate.

Project Value R275m 30000m2 Industrial Estate, Town Planning, detailed design and value engineering phase, construction began early 2019.

2016-2021 Stone Quarter Residential Development.

Project Value +-R200m Development and Project Management Role, 65% of the units completed to date.

2017-2017 Flowers Edge Student Accommodation Project.

Project Value R62m Development and Project management role, Project was completed in 8 months on time and under budget.

2015-2016 Protea Fire and Ice Hotel - Pretoria.

Project Value R180m, Project management role, Project was completed on time and under budget.

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